Tributes - His Holiness The Sakya Trizin

Dear Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche,

It is with profound sorrow that His Holiness the Sakya Trizin has learnt of the untimely demise of Choje Akong Rinpoche.  His Holiness is currently in strict retreat and is only given news once a week, and so he conveys his sincere regret for the belatedness of his condolences.

This devastating news comes as an incalculable loss not only for Akong Rinpoche’s family and sangha as well as for all those who were beneficiaries of his kindness, wisdom and tireless effort, but also for the Dharma itself, of which Akong Rinpoche was one of the truest exponents.

While his contribution to bringing the gift of Dharma to the West was outstanding in blessing countless students with inner peace and a deeper understanding of life, the work that he carried out through ROKPA was of inimitable help to the sick and destitute worldwide, and of immense value to the preservation of the culture and religion of Tibet.

His Holiness ardently prays that Akong Rinpoche’s noble aspirations may live on through the institutions that he created and that he may swiftly return to guide beings along the path to wellbeing and happiness.

With kindest regards,

Dagmo Kushok


by H.H. The Sakya Trizin

Root-guru and gurus of the lineage, peaceful and wrathful yidams,
All the buddhas, bodhisattvas and protectors;
As the one-pointed, plaintive melody of my prayer goes to you,
Please grant the swift realisation of my wishes.

Everywhere you shed the beneficial light of the sun of dharma
– that of the teaching and practice of the Karmapas,
Enlightened activity of the buddhas of the three times.
I pray to you, perfect example of the most magnificent qualities,
Who belongs among those who have conquered all.1

From the treasure of bodhicitta, source of help for all,
Your loving hand gives beings the wealth of temporal well-being
and spiritual happiness.
I pray that the great drum of your renowned generosity
May resonate in all ears everywhere.

In this day and age of decadence when the five degenerations enshroud
us like a deep darkness
I pray you not to be lulled to sleep in the lap of perfect peace
But to ride the mighty chariot of great love
And appear once again in a new incarnation as a sunshine youth.

All your faraway spiritual children rely on you
And as they observe an excellent conduct
May you again take splendid care of them
And deploy your magnificent activity everywhere and at all times
To nurture them through the great deeds praised by so many.

This prayer for the swift return of Choje Akong Rinpoche is like a message addressed to him as an urgent request from his relatives, disciples and all those who depend on him.
Rinpoche made it his duty to help his fellow countrymen in his native Land of Snows, providing education and healthcare for monastics and lay people alike, and caring for the environment.  The extraordinary extent of his wondrous activity to benefit all is simply beyond the scope of thought.  In this I rejoice whole-heartedly.

This prayer was written by Sakya Trizin Ngawang Kunga.  May our wishes come true!

1. This stanza is a beautiful, poetic paraphrase of Akong Rinpoche’s tulku name: Shedrup Choji Nyima Tinle Kunchap Palzangpo Chokle Namjal-de

13th October 2013