2018 Retreat Final Day

October 15, 2018 at 19:08 pm

Monday Teaching

This last morning of the retreat Drupon Rinpoche returned to some of the major themes of his teaching during the course of the week, making sure that the key points had been absorbed by everyone attending.

Regarding lamas he emphasised that a good lama should take care of their students by pointing out their faults, sometimes peacefully, sometimes wrathfully, depending on the student and situation. He remarked that it becomes difficult for a teacher to continue to do this if a student reacts defensively to this help. Thus a good lama is indispensable.

Nevertheless, we will only turn out well through our own efforts, he said, employing a quotation from the sutras to underline this.

As regards the Dharma, we were advised not to see it as an activity, but in the same way as we use a mirror, it should be employed to see ourselves as we are, and to help us to clean up anything unwanted!