Teachings on Sunday 14/10/18

October 14, 2018 at 21:55 pm

Sunday Teachings

Drupon Rinpoche continued to respond to the questions appearing on Kunga’s desk during the first and second teaching session today.
The questions included how and whether it would be possible to heal post traumatic stress syndrome, the challenges of maintaining silence in retreat, the meaning of devotion, how to practise at home for a layperson, and how the special training in the way of mind works. As usual Khenpo Rinpoche responded with skill, wisdom and humour. He expressed his desire that attendees have an opportunity to freely express a question, criticise him if we wished, and having received answers to our questions, thus have our minds put to rest.

In response to the question about practising at home, Rinpoche said we should practise whenever and wherever we remember to do so…not, “In 5 years I’ll go into retreat,” because 5 years of samsaric activities might render us unable to do it anyway. Practice has nothing to do with whether we are lay or sangha, and if we’re not staying with a lama, we have the classical texts, such as those by Nagarjuna, Chandrakirti, or Jowo Atisha to rely upon.